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On the Second Day of Christmas...

On the Second Day of Christmas...

Welcome to my 12 Days of Christmas!
I have gone a little crazy this year with my present wrapping. Everything looks so cute and satisfying to the eye!

Wrapping Presents 101


This year I invested in a Kikki K DIY Paper Lovers Book. It is filled with crafty little things for you to make and I am totally in love with it. All my Christmas inspiration for this year has come directly from its pages. So the first thing I've decided to feature it in the a present decorating post. The book includes some very cute DIY bows, cards, and other little things perfect for topping presents with.

Here are just three of the ideas I've come up with this holiday season.

Add a homemade bow and a mini card.

It is so easy to make your own paper bow. You can easily google a pattern and either copy it onto paper or print it out. I used a little bit of sticky tape to stick mine together making it look seamless and perfect.


Keep it simple.

I used one of the little stickers from the Kikki K book, placed it in the centre of the gift and it was ready to go. Decorating presents this way is a extremely effect and super easy way to go, especially if you are like me and are usually doing your Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve.


 Add some layers.

Laying tags, ribbons and other items on presents is a super cute way to make a present look great. Although it does take a really long time to organise and sort it all out. I definitely wouldn't recommend doing this for all of your presents unless you started Christmas shopping and wrapping gifts while it was still January.

I hope this little post gave you some inspiration for your Christmas decorating. XOXO

Stay Excited, Be Joyful and Merry Christmas.

On the Third Day of Christmas...

On the Third Day of Christmas...

On the First Day of Christmas...

On the First Day of Christmas...