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Coco Bliss...

Coco Bliss...

Coco Bliss

Every day is a day for an acai bowl, especially when Coco Bliss, one of the best places to go (apart from Bali, according to Jackson) for an acai bowl is only ten minutes from your house!

I don't think there has been a day in the past couple of months that I couldn't have gone for an acai bowl. If you don't know what an acai bowl is or if you have never enjoyed one before, you are missing out!

Acai bowls are smoothies in bowls and it is all the rage to find the most beautiful one for your Instagram feed. The smoothies are generally made from a mixture of frozen fruits (typically banana, mango and berries) and the star of the show: ACAI! Acai is a berry found most commonly in South Ameria and is what adds all the amazing things to the bowl including antioxidants, fiber and the amazing purple colour. Although everyone states acai is a superfood and is changing their lives, research on the benefits is actually still limited and nothing has been 100% proven. All I know is that it tastes SUPER YUMMY!!

This morning Jackson and I were up earlier than usual and headed down to Coco Bliss to get our acai fix.

At Coco Bliss they have a menu of nine different bowls. I think I am almost on top of trying them all but there are definitely two that I continually go back for every time. My top two picks off of the menu at Coco Bliss are:


This bowl is made up of organic acai and mango, which is then topped with granola, mango, paw paw, coconut flakes, passionfruit and whipped vanilla coconut yoghurt. It also has this little red star on the top of it which is frozen raspberry. It is super sour and probably the best part of this bowl. The Mango Weiss Twist bowl is "high in antioxidants, Vitamin C, is great for
digestive health and assists in clearing your skin"(1)


When in doubt I always go back to the original bowl. It is original acai blended with banana, then topped with granola, banana, strawberries and apple. It is "high in antioxidants, high in vitamin C & E and god for healthy hair, skin and nails"(1)


I also really want to try the Black bowl which is like the original bowl but with coconut charcoal! It is a natural detox for your body, so much so that they don't recommend you consume it within two hours of taking medication.

There are Coco Bliss stores throughout Brisbane, just have a look at their website for the one closest to you!

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