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The Diva Cup...

The Diva Cup...

This blog post covers a topic that may be offensive or a little TMI for people with high sensitivity, or of young ages. It also details personal information and although I have attempted to write it in a 'straight over their heads' manner, some things have only one way that they can be said; how they are.

A few months ago, I bought myself a Diva Cup. For those of you who aren't as inquisitive with ways to deal with your period or you just don't have a period, a Diva Cup is a menstrual cup. All you do with it is put it up in your bits and it sits there and catches everything. I had been looking at them for quite a while but was either too nervous about getting one, or didn't have enough money to be able to buy one. But after driving my parents around for a weekend I was loaded. I bought my Diva Cup from Kunara, the organic shop in Forest Glen. I tried looking in heaps of other places, including Big W, supermarkets and chemists, beforehand but this was the only place I could find one.



The Down Low

It works much like a tampon, catches everything and if it is inserted correctly you can't feel it. But unlike a tampon you don't have to change it as often. On the box and website they say you can change it as late as every 12 hours, which is amazing for when you are sleeping, no leaks what so ever.

The Diva Cup is fine to be in your body because of the silicone it is made of. You just have to watch the quality of it because if it changes in colour, texture and just overall appearance, you need to go back out and buy yourself a new one.

Cleaning it is pretty easy, once you get past what is in it. All you do is rinse it out, use a soap that is COMPLETELY FREE OF HARSH CHEMICALS, it won't be good for your girlie bits or your cup is you use anything with chemicals or scents. I have also seen posts that say all you have to do is rinse it well and then boil it in water, obviously in a pot that isn't used for food. It makes sense to do it this way as well. There is no chance of hurting yourself with chemicals and the boiling water will leave it sanitised.

There are also two sizes of the Diva Cup, Model 1 and Model 2. These sizes don't correlate with how heavy Aunt Flow is, they revolve around your age and what has happened to your body. Model 1 is for women under 30 who haven't given birth. Model 2 is for women over 30 and/or women who have given birth.



My First Go

To be honest, I was freaking out a bit. It did take me a couple of goes to get the hang of it but once I did I wore it all day without feeling like it was there. I did have some times of doubt where I thought it was leaking or not working but every time I checked it was fine.



Taking it Out

One word: yuck. When I used it I was at the heavy stage of my period, so it was pretty full but no where near as full as I thought it would be. When you empty it, all you want to do is 'find' the little bit at the end of it and pull. But you can't just pull, you kind of have to move it around a little bit and squeeze the bottom of the cup to release the suction and pressure.



Pads and Tampons?

I have completely stopped buying them. Although I am over stocked as I always use to buy them when they were on special. I now only use them for the beginning and end of my period, just because of how easy a Diva Cup is. Also, think about how much money you'd save on pads and tampons, if you can get the hang of a Diva Cup.

Below I have linked the video from the Diva Cup website, so you can listen to someone else tell you about how awesome a Diva Cup is. For more information and to find where you can buy a Diva Cup in your area pop over to their website ( and have a sticky beak around.

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