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Bali Day Seven: Treetops Adventure Park

Bali Day Seven: Treetops Adventure Park

Another big day was ahead of Jackson, his two brothers and myself today. We were heading back into the mountains to do the Treetops High Ropes courses.

So we were up early again this morning. We ordered Nasi Gorang for our breakfast in the villa rather than regular breakfast food (for us anyway) and it was so delicious. On top of it there is an egg which I am not keen on whatsoever but I just flicked it to the side and everything else was finished.

Once we finished breakfast our driver, Mung De (we found out the correct way to spell his name later in the day at treetops) was in the car waiting for us. It took us about an hour and a half to get up the mountain to where we had to be. It was SO busy up there because it was a public holiday, so we couldn't park anywhere near the gate and had to walk for a little bit before we got in. It was a surprise for Jackson and the boys because last time they came, it was super quiet.

As soon as we could we got our harnesses on and we were on the practice ropes. They are only about a metre off of the ground just so you can get the hang of clipping yourself on with the different clips and making sure you aren't undoing two at the same time. That tiny course only took us about two minutes and then we were onto the big boys!

I won't bore you with the details of every course but we started on the medium difficulty ones and worked our way up to the black course which was the hardest. On the black course you had to go through a little bit first and then go on a massive rope swing and jump onto a net. If you missed grabbing onto the net, you had to go back to the beginning. I was super proud of myself for not freaking out too much and going on the rope swing first but I swung around backwards so I couldn't grab the net and I fell :( All of the boys did so well and grabbed onto the net and finished the course. I just stayed on the ground, grabbed our bag and took some photos of them all.

After the day we all went home and chilled for a bit. I had a nap in the car and then on the couch when we got home. I really wanted to go and have a look at some of the shops we were riding past almost every day, so Jackson and I jumped on the bikes and went for a ride. I didn't really find anything there although it was all really nice. After shopping we went to Betelnut for dinner. Everyone had been raving about it since the day we got here and it was SO good. I had some edamame to start off, then had the Big Buster Burger and had a chocolate milkshake as well. I honestly didn't think I'd come anywhere near finishing it but I did and polished it all off. I suppose we didn't have any lunch as we were up in the trees.

After dinner, we went around to some little stalls down near Nalu bowls. The lady we went to knows Jackson and his family as they go there every year. I bought a couple of things that I'll keep on the down low because they are presents for my mumma and family. But I bought myself a really nice coconut palm weaved visor. Amanda bought herself one earlier in the week and I really liked it so I got one myself. We then rode our bikes home, past the Aice shop of course and bought a few of those, chilled, and went to bed!

Bali Day Six: Shopping in Kuta & Seminyak

Bali Day Six: Shopping in Kuta & Seminyak