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Bali Day Three: Canggu Club and Old Man’s Bar

Bali Day Three: Canggu Club and Old Man’s Bar

Today was our third day in Bali! I am having such an awesome time :)

Today we started the day again with breakfast in the villa. I changed it up this morning and had yoghurt and muesli with fruit which was a mistake. I’m not the biggest fan of yoghurt and it wasn’t very nice- live and learn though. After breaky we just hung around at the villa for a little while before the massive day that was ahead of us. 

We had big plans for the day and of course, you’ve got to start it right with a roti. Jackson’s Dad, Dan and I jumped on the scooter together and went and got them to take away. I had never been on a scooter before and so I freaked out a little bit. I think he could tell because once we got the roti’s and hopped back onto the scooter he gave me the run down about where to hold and what not.

We spent most of the day out. One of the things we had on the list was Canggu Club (now called Finn’s Recreation Club). It’s basically a mini water park with some really good slides! Munday, our personal driver for the villa, picked us up and got us there at about 11:30am. Once we put down our towels under some nice, shady chairs, we dove straight in. Jackson and I along with his little brothers went on all the slides so many times because was literally no one there! There are probably two really good slides, and then the rest are mainly for little kids, so our time there was pretty much spent alternating between the two. After about two hours or so Jackson and I were exhausted, but the boys could have kept going for hours. It came to about 2:30pm and we were all ready to go, but we didn’t tell Munday to come and pick us up until 3:30pm! So we were forced to chill for another hour in the sun until Munday arrived to pick us up - first world problems!

After Munday dropped us home we were starving so Jackson and I headed over on our bikes to get another nalu bowl. It is only about a ten minute ride on the bike so we were there pretty fast.

On our way to nalu bowls, we stopped at this cute little door and took some very candid photos.

This was my second round of nalu after the first one which was kind of disappointing. I got a normal Acai bowl this time and it was better but still not amazing. However Jackson got a dragonfruit bowl and it was SO good! So I’m thinking we are going to go for another round of nalu and I’ll get that one and see what I think.

After nalu we planned on going to the markets to have a look around but it was getting a bit late and we had plans to go to a bar called Old Man’s for happy hour and corn on the cob. We decided to head straight down to the bar, which is right on the beach. Jackson and I started with a Bintang and Amanda and Dan (Jackson’s Dad and his wife) started with shaken martini’s. Heaps of girls around us had frozen margaritas and I wanted one so bad. So the next round was on me and I got us mango frozen margaritas. They were nice but not what I expected. I thought they’d be more mango tasting but it was just like cordial- still very nice though. Jackson and I then got some hot chips to tide us over as we are both as much of eating machines as each other.

At one point a dog came and sat under our table!!

We were all pretty tired and we decided to head back to the villa. On our way to get our bikes, Amanda found the corn!! She’d sent the boys down to the beach earlier and the guy wasn’t there yet so we were going to go without. We got one each and it cost us in Australia dollars $2 per corn! It was super delicious. Roasted on coals with butter and salt mmmmmm. We are definitely going back again tomorrow night for some more. 

After the corn we rode our bikes back to the villa, had a shower and pretty much went straight to bed. Today was the best day that we’ve had in Bali so far. I love being super busy and having heaps to do during the day. 

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