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Bali Day Five: Exploring Canggu on a Bike

Bali Day Five: Exploring Canggu on a Bike

We were in for a big day today again with a day full of bike riding around the rice paddy's, villages and streets of Bali.

Jackson and I were up earlier than usual as we had to be out of the villa by 7am. Everyone else was already up when we got downstairs. The driver for the day was coming to pick us up to take us to breakfast up in the mountains and rice paddy's at 7am so we had to be ready to go.

The drive up the mountains took just over an hour and we were there. It was so beautiful drivng through all of the rice paddy's and seeing different things. There were heaps of sheds on the sides of the hills but we never would have guessed that inside were HEAPS AND HEAPS of caged chickens. It was pretty sad to see because these chickens had no room to move and there was three or four layers of chickens in each shed. Once we reached the top, we took a few photos of the view and then had breakfast. Jackson's dad, Dan, Amanda and myself had the cheese, onion and tomato omlette and the boys had the pancakes. We also had Bali Coffee, and although Dan and Amanda warned us that it was pretty strong, was really nice. It was just like the coffee that my Mum and Dad drink every day. Although this one had heaps of grit and coffee grinds in the bottom of it.

After breakfast, we grabbed the bikes off of the tour truck and headed off with our guide, Arya.  We headed up the road and first stopped at a little look out and had a look at the surrounding rice paddy's. It was so beautiful, lush and green. After everyone had taken their photos we headed down into the rice paddy's. We hopped off our bikes and got to walk through the rice paddy's down to where they had cows and the machinery for the harvests. Arya showed us everything and explained how they grow the rice, what it needs, what the different kinds are, seriously everything. he even shared some of his memories as a child, riding on the harvest equipment with his father.

After visiting the rice paddy's we were back on the bikes and we continued down the hill. We got to look at everything through the rice paddy's and got to see all of the Balinese people in action in the rice. Our first stop was at a school. Normally Arya takes his group through the school and they get to see everything. Unfortunately, the students were taking a test so we couldn't go in. So back on the bikes we got, and we rode for a little while before Arya stopped us and we got to drink some fresh coconut water straight out of the coconut. Everyone took a few sips, some people loved it and some people hated it. I drank the entire thing, I'm not even kidding I downed the entire coconut. One of the men that were there cut the coconut open once he finished it and he offered us some of the flesh from the inside. Of course, I tried it and it wasn't what I expected it to be. It wasn't like the regular hard coconut that we get in Australia, it was like jelly. It was super delicious but tasted nothing at all like coconut.

We then continued on and Arya showed us so many different things, from walnuts drying on the ground to snakefruit (which were super strange, they looked like lychees on the outside, looked like garlic when you peeled them but tasted like pineapple!) on a tree. He also showed us cacao plants and coffee beans on a tree. I didn't know that you culd eat the skin of the coffee beans while it is still red as it is super sweet. We came down a massive hill and into the area where the chickens were. There were also tiny, little stys where there were pigs. That was also pretty sad to see but it is the way they live over here.

We then got to stop for a little while in a traditional Balinese home. Arya showed us around and explained every part of it from the three temples that they had out the front of their home to the different houses inside where everyone sleeps. The Balinese homes are different to our western homes, instead of one big house they have different little houses for different people all in one big courtyard. They have one house at the front for the elderly, and one further back where the kitchen is and where the children sleep. We also got to see the family at work. All of the women were there packing rice into little cone shapes to dry and sell to people for religious offerings. They seriously had hundreds there. Arya said they go through around 200kg of rice per day making these rice cones. After looking around we got to have a traditional Balinese morning tea. Arya's wife had made three different things for us. One was little pancakes with a coconut topping, one was a coconut jelly kind of thing wrapped in banana leaf and the last was the best. It was a coconut filling with a rice flour outside layer. It tasted exactly like an iced vovo!!

Once again we were back on the bikes, we headed down the hill again to a little building where the rice is processed. There was one man there and one machine. The rice with the husks on was going into the machine and out came perfect, white rice. He bagged it and sewed it shut. There was also another shoot where the husks were coming out as a powder. There were also massive bags of this, which they keep and feed to chickens and pigs.

We took off again headed towards lunch, not that I felt like I could fit another mouthful of food into me. It didn't take long to get there and it was the end of the bike tour. We were welcomed with little drinks, which were refreshing with lemongrass and lime. A buffet style lunch was served and it was massive. There was a huge table of rice, vegetables, chicken, satay sticks, sauces and some fruit as well. It was all so delicious and we didn't hold back on tucking in. I didn't think I was hungry but after eating one plate full I went for more and more. It was just THAT delicious!

We thanked Arya for the amazing day and jumped back into the van. The driver dropped us back at our villa and we just got to chill for a bit. We had a swim and relaxed in the sun after the massive morning we had had.

We all started to get a little peckish so we headed out to get another nalu bowl for an early dinner. I have finally found one that I really enjoy. The Uluatu bowl: it so good! It is the one that Jackson has been getting everytime. It was also so good because on Tuesdays after 2pm, you can add three toppings for free! I added mixed berries, chia seeds and banana to mine and it was PERFECT. I took some complusory instagram photos and then we tucked in.


Afterwards, we went back to the villa, chilled and played some UNO. That was the night done for us. We were all so tired and ready for the best nights sleep of the whole holiday.

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